Why We’re Different

Dennis Rowan –Owner

  • My goal is to provide every customer with personal, punctual and professional service.
  • I personally visit each residence and prepare every estimate. Customers receive their written estimate within 24 hours.
  • I personally meet with every customer before every job – we call it our ‘Color Date’. As a true color expert, I’ve helped thousands of customers choose that perfect color. Additionally, we’ll then go through a 17 point checklist detailing color selections and job logistics. NOW, you’re ready for a successful painting project.
  • As an established member of the community, Dennis Rowan Services has been featured in various newspaper and magazine articles. Additionally Dennis has appeared on Martha Stewart’s television program.

The Painters

  • At the end of the day, it’s the painters who apply the product. In a rumble tumble industry, we attract and retain the best painters. All are highly motivated and empowered to provide you with the finest job possible.
  • P.S. Beware of men in white pants! Recent years have seen an explosion of ‘new painters’. BE CAREFUL. Preparation and painting are an acquired skill and demand attention to detail. Your property deserves the best.
  • Fully insured and bonded.

250 post road east
westport, ct 06880